pimp a bike

Guerilla Marketing

on bicycles.

CYCLOSCREEN offers new solutions for advertising space - innovative light systems on bicycles.

These patented and exclusive image and video systems based on LED technology are the ultimative eye catcher.
No matter whether used indoors or outdoors - we offer the best solution for your campaign.

The quest for new advertising space has finally come to an end.

With these fancy light systems advertising agencies can develop attractive campaigns using reasonably priced
Guerilla marketing. Retailers will benefit from innovative products for their clients. Companies present this
„moving“ attraction in their shop windows or use this ultimate eyecatcher at their point of sale (POS).

Use our branding service for your advertising campaign.

Buying an unique advertising space is not enough? CYCLOSCREEN offers an entire branding service and designs your
individual appaerance. We give ideas concerning the optimal use of our manifold light systems. On request we create
and program campaigns, quickly exchange messages or train you on specific products.
The CYCLOSCREEN team is your experienced partner for Guerilla Marketing.
Take the chance and get this environmentally friendly below-the-line ad. Surprise your clients. We are looking
forward to your inquiry.

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